No more risk.

Stop using your hard earned money to make clients happy.

Leading edge
technology with
a personal touch.

People love our simple platform. And the kind people
who are always there to answer questions.

Scale your

Use our money to help you grow.

The value of an
entire staging
package for the
cost of a consult.

Affordable solutions to help you win.

Sell homes
for more.

Staged homes can sell
from 6-10% more.*

Sell homes faster.

On average staged homes
sell up to 27 times faster.*

Make more money.

A home that sells for more net
you more in the end.

*Source: Investopidia


Why it works.


At Listing Loans, we believe that it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself as a real estate professional. The internet has helped level the playing field.


While services provided are getting more and more expensive, commission is getting lower. We also understand that as a real estate professionals the ability to control the transaction leads to better outcomes for the client and for yourself.


Listing Loans gives the salesperson the ability to create massive value in their listing presentation. It allows you to help manage the transaction from the moment you walk in the door to the moment the keys are handed over to the new buyer.


It does this by allowing them to provide the seller with the extra funds to stage, renovate or upgrade their home. With NO RISK of using the salespersons own money. The money allowance is paid back on closing from the transaction funds through the lawyer.*(terms and conditions apply)


Our combined 30+ years in the real estate industry, slugging from evaluation to open house. We realized there was a better way.


A solution that allows real estate professionals to keep their money where it should be, in their pocket. At the same time providing industry leading client service for every client.


Don’t take our word for it.


What’s the interest rate?

Listing Loans provides 6 months no interest and no payments. If the property does not sell within 6 months an interest rate of 16.95%, paid in monthly installments will apply.

How does the money get paid back?

Through disbursements on closing from the successful sale of the property.

Who pays the money back?

The Seller pays the principal amount back out of the closing funds they receive.

How fast does the money arrive?

Once approved, the seller will have the money in their account in 2-3 business days (less than 5 business days).

Does it affect my credit?


Does it affect my client’s credit?

Listing Loans will pull a credit bureau on the Seller, So it would have the same negligible impact as any other credit check.

Are there any Fees?

Yes, there is an admin fee to the client of $147 CAD.

How long does it take to get an approval?

Most applications are processed in less than a minute.

How can I access this for my clients?

Click the “book a call” button and set a time to set up your exclusive 12 month membership to Listing Loans.


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